WWF, Netflix and Silverback Films team up to create Our Planet


A landmark follow-up to the natural history series Planet Earth. Between now and its debut in 2019, we will work together to produce an eight part series, using the latest technologies, and spectacular photography of planet earth to look at the planet’s remaining wilderness areas and their animal inhabitants.

The ambitious four year project - the largest of its kind ever attempted - will take viewers into never-before-filmed wilderness areas from the ice caps and deep ocean to deserts and remote forests, introducing them to the most precious species and places that must withstand the impact of humanity so generations to come can enjoy the bounties of the natural world…

Using the latest in 4K camera technology, the series and a range of specially produced stories across multiple platforms will bring millions of people into intimate contact with some of the world’s rarest animals and most precious natural habitats.

The series is being produced by Silverback Films, led by Alastair Fothergill and Keith Scholey, who created Planet Earth, Frozen Planet and Blue Planet for the BBC.

Our WWF network has operations in over 100 countries and over 5 million members. We can provide the Silverback team unparalleled access to our projects in protected areas around the world, to collaborate in creating innovative stories across all our media channels.

“Our Planet will inspire millions of people around the world by showcasing the planet’s most precious species and most fragile habitats through a visionary series and captivating multi-platform storytelling,” said Colin Butfield, Executive Producer, WWF. “At this critical time for global conservation we are honoured to work with Silverback and Netflix on this completely unique collaboration.”

“Our Planet is going to raise the bar for natural history landmarks,“ said Alastair Fothergill, Executive Producer, Silverback Films. “We will reveal the most amazing sights on Earth and show them in ways they have never been seen before. Partnering with Netflix and WWF gives us the ability to reach and enthuse global audiences with the wonder and importance of the natural world.”

Lisa Nishimura, Vice President, Netflix Original Documentaries said. “Netflix is proud to be the global home for perhaps Silverback’s most ambitious project to date. The Planet projects have enjoyed great success on Netflix and have helped launch new technologies for viewing at home. We think watching Our Planet, fully on demand in 4K will be an unforgettable experience for our members.”

Thank-you to our Brighton marathon runners!

The Brighton marathon runners.

We want to say a huge thanks to all our brilliant runners at the Brighton Marathon on Sunday – you've done Team Panda proud!

Around 18,000 people took part in the event altogether, cheered on by crowds of over 100,000 as they raced, jogged or cantered through the town and along the Brighton and Hove seafront (several times) during the 26-mile course.

We’ll have reports and photos from the Brighton run soon…

Find out more about taking part in this kind of event to help raise money for WWF.

Make the government machine go green

WWF-UK has set out how the next government could put powerful voices for sustainability at the heart of the Whitehall machine, driving long-term action on species and habitat loss, pollution and climate change.

As part of our campaign to encourage all political parties to commit to better stewardship of the environment in the run-up to the general election, and to ensure the next government builds a clean economy fit for the 21st Century, WWF-UK is calling for, among other things:

  • A 25-year plan on the environment, overseen by a new Office of Environmental Responsibility to hold government to account.
  • The appointment of a Cabinet-level Chief Secretary for Sustainability in the Treasury, responsible for ensuring the economy is resource-efficient and low-carbon.
  • The inclusion of environmental risks such as flooding and climate change in the UK National Security Strategy’s remit.
Launching the report Greening the Machinery of Government by former government adviser Duncan Brack at a reception in the House of Commons, WWF-UK’s Director of Advocacy Trevor Hutchings said:

“If backed by real political will, these reforms would ensure Whitehall works more efficiently to deliver sustainable growth. They would help address threats to our environment and put our economy – which is dependent on the goods and services that nature provides – on a more resilient footing.”

The report set outs how current government systems and structures do not encourage Whitehall departments to work together to tackle environmental issues. For example, the projected share of total energy investment and transport spending on high-carbon fossil fuels, roads and airports for 2014-15 has risen from 15% to 49%, suggesting that wider objectives to reduce emissions will be difficult to achieve. Better joined-up government, with the environment a central consideration, could help avoid such contradictory policy approaches.

Putting the environment at the heart of economic policy would strengthen the development of lucrative green technologies, boosting prosperity. Decarbonising industry and protecting nature would improve health and social wellbeing: improving urban air quality alone could save up to £20 billion in avoided health costs.

Read Greening the Machinery of Government report and the suppliment here