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Wildlifers Spain Tours is a young and motivated eco tour operator with a local team based in Salamanca, seconded by another one in a Special Protection Area for Birds in Caceres province.
We are proud to be a small team that consistently reports customer feedback with overall satisfaction above 90%.

Some elements that helped put us in that position are:

Our flexibility: We try to accommodate any requests to adapt with your special interest, as long as it is operationally feasible. We provide our clients with the best available services and planning. Bottom line is straighforward: always be ready to meet the special interest of our customers.

Our values: We make a real effort to live by our values of commitment.

Support our activites: We are always looking for travels agents and eco tours partners willing to support our activities along with the following services. Wildlifers Spain Tours is keen to associate with partners with innovative spirit. If you are interested, feel free to contact us and discuss the opportunities ahead.

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