Tesla's $13,000 battery could keep your home online in a blackout

Elon Musk has hinted at device to be unveiled this week, and analyst Trip Chowdhry sees big benefits for those who ‘always want to be connected’

Elon Musk is a man who likes to make waves. Whether it’s privatizing space exploration or shaking up commuting with the Hyperloop high speed transport system, the billionaire technocrat aims big. Now his electric car company, Tesla, is planning to change the way people power their homes.

In a tweet last month, Musk announced that Tesla would be unveiling a new product on 30 April. It is now widely thought to be a large battery capable of powering a house and an even larger “utility” sized power unit.

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Should I buy an electric car?

I’d like to change my fossil fuel car for a pure electric one. Will this make a difference?

Ideally we’d sit down together and pick you out a lovely green car, like the passive consumers we’ve been taught to be (car dealership Motorparks has a handy guide to alternative vehicles). But electric vehicles (EVs) are never that simple.

Instead we need to look deep into your soul. Who are you? Why are you too grand for mass transit, where you can share the emission burden? What type of driver are you? Do you drive the short journeys EVs can cope with? After all, “range anxiety” (worrying about running out of juice) is the bête noire of EV drivers.

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Greenpeace India crackdown: US seeks 'clarification' on action against groups

Critics say New Delhi’s move to restrict funding to Greenpeace and the Ford Foundation is an attempt to stifle voices that oppose Narendra Modi’s views

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