Tomorrow’s world: seven development megatrends challenging NGOs

Climate change, urbanisation and geopolitical shifts are some of the key areas international development organisations should focus on this year

As we move into 2015, many UK-based NGOs are wondering how to meet the challenges of a crucial year. What is the unique and distinct value that each organisation, and the UK sector as a whole, brings to international development, and how might this change in future?

To help the sector get on the front foot we have identified seven “megatrends” and posed a few questions to highlight some of the key choices NGOs might need to make. At the end of next week we’ll be concluding a consultation with DfID on the future of the sector – all your thoughts are welcome.

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Controversial Spanish mine to reopen

Conservationists claim environmental concerns have been ignored in runup to regional elections in decision to reopen Aznalcóllar mine that caused one of Spain’s worst ecological disasters 17 years ago

A controversial mine which caused one of Spain’s biggest ever environmental disasters is set to reopen, the government has announced.

Los Frailes mine in Aznalcóllar, near Seville, will resume operations 17 years after a tailings dam burst, dumping five million cubic metres of toxic sludge into the Guadiamar river.

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Owl attacks prompt Dutch town to arm itself with umbrellas

  • European eagle owl sends many victims in Purmerend to hospital
  • Expert says hormone levels or time in captivity may be to blame
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