Artists get creative against climate change for Earth Hour

Ahead of this weekend’s Earth Hour, Do The Green Thing has asked artists and designers to take everyday objects and turn them into messages to live more sustainably

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‘Green’ dam linked to killings of six indigenous people in Guatemala

Indigenous people are being ‘terrorised’ after protests against a mega-dam backed by European development banks, whose carbon allowances will be tradable on the EU’s emissions trading system

A planned mega-dam in Guatemala, whose carbon credits will be tradable under the EU’s emissions trading system, has been linked to grave human rights abuses, including the killing of six indigenous people, two of them children.

Several European development banks and the World Bank’s International Finance Corporation (IFC) have provided funds for the $250m (£170m) Santa Rita dam.

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Colombian tribe scores ‘historic’ victory versus Big Gas

State company Ecopetrol pulls out of drilling site in territories belonging to the indigenous U’wa people

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