13 ways the arts and sport can inspire action on climate change

Isn’t it time creative types and sports stars did more to tackle climate change? Our expert panel suggest how

Don’t underestimate the power of an image: We worked with a community to develop a photo-story of their understanding of how climate change affects them. Most of these folks had never been to school, but the images they took tell their story and how much debate they elicited in their presentation attests to the power of an image. These photo-stories were instrumental in understanding the communities’ livelihoods, their challenges and opportunities, and climate-change vulnerabilities.
Njenga Kahiro, programmes manager, Zeitz Foundation, Nanyuki, Kenya, @njengakahiro, @ZeitzFoundation

Use football as an icebreaker: Football is a household staple on all continents; everyone has strong opinions, everyone is engaged, and the passion and energy is there. The topic of football is one of the easiest icebreakers on business trips or in casual get-togethers (as long as you can keep your team loyalties to yourself) and can be used to start a conversation about climate change.
Leszek Sibilski, consultant, Connect4Climate, Washington DC, US, @Connect4Climate

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